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Who are you thankful for?

I was just hanging around the other day and began to think about who I am grateful for in my life.  I heard that when one has, what they call “an attitude of gratitude”. that they see people, work and even events differently.  Is that true for you?  I am going to start this new…

No Room

It never fails that at certain key times in the year God speaks clearer and louder.  As I look toward preaching about a family in need of shelter wouldn’t you know a family shows up at church in need of shelter.  A family caught in the cycle of a financial catch twenty-two.  And where do my…

Does Grace Matter?

As I continue to look around me I wonder if “Grace” matters these days.  We live in a world where “earning your own way” is the norm, where being vulnerable and honest with ourselves that opens us up to what is said in Psam 51 – “Have mercy on me, O God…for I know my…

New Beginnings

I am entering a whole new era as I write this post.  For my generation “post” was a cereal company that delighted us each morning.  Today, I am learning somehting new.  So what new things are you learning about the world you live in these days?  What have you been awakened to that has brought…