Milestone Ministry

Milestone Ministry


Milestone Ministry recognizes and affirms various “milestone” events in the life of young people and celebrates them in various ways.

Splash Together!  (Birth to Age 3)

This program begins even before birth as we make contact with expectant parents. Information is shared about baptism and parents are invited to keep the church informed of their arrival.  As these infants are baptized into the community of faith, we wrap them in a personalized receiving blanket, reminding them that they are being received as a child of God. We mail a monthly Splash newsletter that aligns with the child’s development that contains ideas for faith formation at each stage of their young lives. Around 18 months – 2 years of age, each child will receive a Lift-the-Flap Story Book Bible. At 3 years of age a Sparks Story Book Bible will be presented. Contact Persons: Kami Burgess and Trish Ebensteiner.

Bibles for All Ages

We love to place the Holy Bible in the hands of our children and youth. In September we partner with parents and present God’s word to the children as they enter into 3rd grade. We pray our children will see the connection between their immediate family and their faith community. The Bibles, given as they enter 7th grade, are used during Sunday School, Confirmation, and we pray that they will travel with each of them as they move into their adult lives. Contact Persons: Kami Burgess and Trish Ebensteiner.

First Communion Workshop

At Amazing Grace, Holy Communion is open to all who have been baptized. This means that very young children can receive this gift. We ask that a parent(s) helps to prepare their child for this gift, and we seek your insight as to when a child will come to this class. Children, who are ready, will come with their parent(s) and other significant adults to a First Communion Workshop. This time is filled with hands-on, interactive learning and a whole lot of fun. They will learn about the power of this gift from God. 

Confirmation Sunday

We witness the affirmation of faith of our young people and pray that God’s Spirit empowers them for faithful living. 

Sending of our High School Graduates

As our youth prepare to leave high school, we wrap them in a personalized sending blanket and retrace the sign of the cross on their foreheads to remind them of the love of Christ that will travel with them into new beginnings.

Post-Secondary Youth

Our congregation strives to keep in touch with our youth post high school as they travel into the world through employment, education or military.  Several times throughout the year, we send out “Care Packages” or notes to remind them that they will always be a part of this home.