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Tim Marburger

A Texan by birth, I came to Minnesota to attend Luther Seminary.  I graduated and have been working with young people for 35 years doing programming in various settings – churches, youth centers, alternative schools and so much more.  AND, I still love it!

I grew up near Corpus Christi, Texas and was raised on a farm (cotton and grain).  I began picking cotton at the age of 5.  By 5th grade, I was showing an interest in music.  I took the pitch test that was administered and chose the clarinet.  I also began taking piano. Fast forward through the crazy high school years believing I wanted to be a band director.

I entered college in pursuit of that dream, but after a year, I changed my mind to wanting to be the next Liberace and became a performance major.  During this time, I began working at Christ Lutheran.  Initially, I played for services and directed their choir.  After a few months, the pastor asked if I would coordinate the youth group.  That was my first experience.

This same pastor, John Wiley Fox, suggested I go to seminary.  I laughed – I liked disco and they don’t do that at seminary.  The seed was planted and as I was completing my degree in Music Performance, I applied and was accepted to Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN.

My work with children and youth is very much about building relationships with each one and their families.  I want to bring our congregation and God into their daily lives via their athletics, concerts, programs and other extracurricular activities.  I like to get out and visit them at their homes or sit down at the local coffee shop (I prefer ice cream).

When not working, I enjoy movies, spending time with friends, dining out, catching up on recorded shows, theatre and so much more.