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Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077

Year of Renewal

Amazing Grace Lutheran Church has embarked upon a year-long journey called the Year of Renewal. Along with seven other congregations from the St. Paul Area Synod, we are engaging in the Three Great Listenings which include listening to God, listening to one another, and listening to the world.

The Three Great Listenings

Phase 1: Listening to One Another

In Phase one of this process, during the season of Lent, several members of the congregation became adept at intentional one-on-one conversations with the goal of getting more connected through listening to one another’s joys, challenges, and where God may be leading us as individuals and as a community.

From these 83 conversations, themes have emerged which are displayed in this word cloud. (A word cloud compiles key words into a visual representation. Words appear larger or smaller based on their frequency. Larger words appeared more frequently in these conversations. Conversely, smaller words were less commonly reported as emerging themes.)

Phase 2 – Listening to the World

Phase two brings us out into the community where staff and other church leaders will have one-to-one conversations with community partners, such as schools, police, social service agencies, other churches, nearby businesses, and others. Through these conversations, we hope to hear the joys, challenges, and opportunities experienced by our neighbors.

Phase 3 – Listening to God

In Phase 3 of the Year of Renewal we will identify the intersectionality of needs, challenges and opportunities along with the gifts God has provided. We will ask the question: Where is God leading us? We will identify the specific values of the congregation and develop a vision statement that helps us to move forward into the future with clarity and purpose.

We look forward fully expecting to be surprised by what God has in store for this faith community, neighborhood and world!

To learn more about the Year of Renewal at Amazing Grace, please contact any member of the Year of Renewal Team:  Kami Burgess, co-chair, Adam Ingalsbe, co-chair, Becky Ahlvin, Linda Erickson, Jean Jantzen, Pete Malamen, or Pastor Julie Wright.