New Here?

New Here?

About Us

Amazing Grace Lutheran Church attracts people from all walks of life – people whose purpose is to follow in the path of Jesus. Our mission, Joining God at Work in the World, expresses this intention to make our lives an outpouring of God’s radically inclusive and expansive love in a world that cries out for connection, understanding and meaning. As a congregation of the ELCA, we are engaged in what’s happening in the world, in Minnesota, and in the neighborhood, through prayer, service, worship and acts of justice.

This community had its start in 2007 with the unification of two area churches – Peace Lutheran Church and Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church.  Amazing Grace Lutheran Church is like a blended family.

 What is the current demographic of the community?

We are a community of around 450 people. There are children, singles, married couples, young families, and several in their 70s and 80s.  Most are Lutherans, but many have really interesting pathways to their life of faith. No matter where each of us started, we are people who have set down roots here as a place to grapple with life, faith and spirituality in a very real way.

 What We Believe

As a congregation of the ELCA, we come together to be grounded in God’s love, awakened by the Holy Spirit, and then we are sent into the world to bring the real love of Jesus to our neighbors. Recognizing that this is no small feat, we rely heavily upon God to empower and equip this community, and then to encourage us to step out of our comfort zones and get to work!  We do not have an answer for all questions, not even all religious questions.  But we do encourage questions and discussion, and enjoy grappling together in the mysteries of faith.

What are this community’s practices around Communion?

We have an open table at Amazing Grace, which means that everyone (yes, everyone!) is invited to receive the bread and non-alcoholic wine at communion which for us is the body and blood of Christ. We also offer gluten-free bread.  A blessing is given to children who have yet to receive communion instruction. A Communion Workshop is held once a year and is open to children and adults of any age.

What are your Sunday services like? What can I expect?

We follow the ancient liturgy of the church with a contemporary flair (readings from Scripture, sermon, prayers of the people, Holy Communion, benediction, etc.). We use modern, every-day language to express ourselves in things like creeds and prayers. We sing old and new hymns. In fact, we love learning new songs!  You’ll see people in jeans and a t-shirt or a hockey jersey, while others dress in their Sunday best. You’re invited to show up however you feel most comfortable for an hour of worship.

How can I support this ministry?

Pray without ceasing. And consider offering a one-time or ongoing financial gift.

Are there children at Amazing Grace?

Yes!  We welcome children in worship and in all aspects of the community. During worship, we have “busy bags” filled with quiet activities for children who need to stay active during worship. We also provide a staffed nursery for little ones who need a bit more wiggle room during worship.