Intergenerational Education

Intergenerational Education

At Amazing Grace, we have intergenerational Christian Education so we can learn from each other. Through Christian Education, we will explore themes that deal with everything from the environment to how to help one another through challenging times. Each theme will consist of three phases:”

Phase 1: The Learning Phase: During this phase, we will have opportunities to learn what the Bible and our Lutheran faith tell us about the topic.

Phase 2: The Real World Phase: We will have opportunities to learn how our neighbors near and far are impacted by the theme we have chosen.

Phase 3: Faith in Action Phase: Members will be invited to make a commitment to acting on what they learned in phases one and two.

Some themes will last a week or two, while others will last several months. Young and old alike are invited to share their wisdom, learn from each other and commit to carrying out our faith in a world that needs Christ’s light and love.

First Theme: May, 2022 “Waking Up in Budapest”

Members met for conversation after church about how God and other people helped them through tough times when life took an unexpected turn.

  • Future Themes:
  • The Hidden Cost of Being Poor
  • How to Be There: what to say and do for friends, co-workers and loved ones who face difficult times
  • Living Sustainably: What can we do in our church, our communities and our homes to create a sustainable world?