About Us

About Us

Amazing Grace Lutheran Church:

Joining Together to Serve the World Around Us

About Us

Amazing Grace Lutheran Church is a place where you can come as you are.  “Come as you are” means to come AS YOU ARE — hockey jersey, t-shirt and jeans, 3-piece suit — yep. Come with your doubts, questions, and fears – all of it. Come with your frustrations, your unbounded joy, your fears. Come if you identify as a person of color, if you are divorced, LGBTQIA+, addicted or in recovery, formerly incarcerated, differently-abled, an immigrant, refugee, or if you are an atheist or spiritual seeker. Come even if you’re a Packer’s fan!  Jesus welcomed all, so why wouldn’t we? We’re not perfect – we’re just trying to show up in a way that’s real and loving.

Core Values

  • Faith Development
  • Service and Advocacy
  • Strong Relationships
  • Health and Wellbeing

Our History

Amazing Grace Lutheran Church had its start in 2007 with the unification of two area churches – Peace Lutheran Church and Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church.  Amazing Grace Lutheran Church is like a blended family.

What We Believe

As a congregation of the ELCA, we come together to be grounded in God’s love, awakened by the Holy Spirit, and sent into the world to bring the real love of Jesus to our neighbors.  We are followers of a first century rabbi named Jesus who continues to show us how to love and be loved, to forgive and receive forgiveness, and to welcome everyone as if Christ were in our midst.

We rely upon God to empower and equip each of us in all of our God-given vocations, and then we encourage each other to be bold in our discipleship.   At Amazing Grace Lutheran Church, we do not have an answer for all questions, not even all religious questions.  But we do encourage questions and discussion, and enjoy grappling together in the mysteries of faith.

What are this community’s practices around Holy Communion?

We have an open table at Amazing Grace, which means that everyone (yes, everyone!) is invited to receive Holy Communion (also called the Eucharist).  Come and receive bread and non-alcoholic wine which for us is the body and blood of Christ. We also offer gluten-free bread.  Then light a candle or enjoy quiet time for reflection or prayer.

A blessing is given to children who have yet to receive communion instruction. A Communion Workshop is held once a year and is open to children and adults of any age. Anyone interested in this workshop should contact one of our pastors.

What are your Sunday services like? What can I expect?

We follow the ancient liturgy of the church with a contemporary flair. We use modern, every-day language to express ourselves in things like creeds and prayers. We sing old and new songs set to music by piano and sometimes guitars or other instruments.

How can I support this ministry?

Pray. And consider offering a one-time or ongoing financial gift. Get involved. You don’t need to be a member of this church to be involved. How is God leading you?

Are there children at Amazing Grace?

Yes!  Inter-generational worship is important to our life together at Amazing Grace. Children’s Messages incorporate ideas from worship into an easy to understand message that children (and adults) can enjoy.

Welcome to the Pray Ground! This past year we created a space in the Sanctuary where children can pray and play during worship. This allows children and parents to fully experience worship while keeping children occupied with soft toys, busy bags, books and other activities. A nursery is not staffed, but is available for parents who want to accompany their child(ren) to a quieter space during worship